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WRC1013 Tentative Course Calendar Weeks 1-16 Instructor: J. Sundol email through Blackboard 405-921-1737 WPSH Writing Program Student Handbook SMH The St. Martin’s Handbook RCD Research and Composing in the Disciplines
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Date TOPICS READINGS before class and HW Due 1 Wed Getting to know you… Syllabus Blackboard Access Purchase texts and required materials Fri Students will: The Writing Process Review the syllabus—Any questions Cover WPSH General Information BEFORE CLASS READ… Read , Mark and Annotate your Writing Program Handbook which outlines several tips for success: then, prepare an outline for a 5 paragraph essay create a hook discussing some of the pitfalls or barriers to students’ success in their 1 st year of college---establishing the value of writing and being successful in your college writing courses state your thesis at the end of a fully developed introduction Outline your own points regarding this issue and what should be done about it—what students CAN do to increase their success in not only their writing classes, but throughout their college experience. Outline major examples you will use to support each paragraph point. Also, what points from the student handbook will you integrate and document? See the worksheets on the home page. Create a work cited page for the writing program student
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This note was uploaded on 09/12/2010 for the course WRC 1013 taught by Professor Sundol during the Spring '10 term at University of Texas-Tyler.

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F2010%20COURSE%20CALENDAR - WRC1013 Instructor J Sundol...

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