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The Writing Program The University of Texas at San Antonio SYLLABUS for WRC 1013 Freshman Composition I Professor’s name: Jacqueline Sundol Office location: HSS 4.02.40 Phone number: 405-921-1737 Email: [email protected] Office hours: 12:50p-1:50p MWF; 7:00a-7:50a W; or by appointment CATALOG DESCRIPTION Freshman Composition “focuses on academic writing. Reviews principles of the writing process and of using sources for writing. Introduces organizational patterns, summary and paraphrase, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of multiple sources drawn from a variety of cultural and intellectual contexts. Includes attention to forms of oral and visual communication and extensive library research and documentation REQUIRED TEXTS AND MATERIALS 1” 3-ring Binder 2 pocket folders 5 subject dividers loose leaf paper for notes and daily writing 4 blue books (large at least 10 pages each) pencils/pens (blue or some other color ink) collegiate dictionary/thesaurus TEXTBOOKS Lunsford, Andrea A. The St. Martin's Handbook, MLA 6th ed. (with 2009 MLA and APA updates). Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009. ISBN: 0312664834 , cost: $77.50 (new) The Writing Program. Freshman Composition I: Research and Composing in the Disciplines . Custom Edition. New York: Longman, 2011. ISBN: 0558700977. The Writing Program Student Handbook (current edition). No ISBN. Cost: $14.00 Available after August 30 th , 2010 Research and Composing in the Disciplines: A Custom Edition for the University of Texas San Antonio taken from: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum, Eleventh Edition by Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen ISBN 10: 0-558-84318-2 and ISBN 13: 978-0-558-84318-2      NOTE: MyCompLab (MCL), it will be accessible to students through the Pearson Portal. Students do not need to purchase MCL since access is “packaged” with the text. THE WRITING PROGRAM MISSION STATEMENT Knowing how to write well is an essential component to being an educated person. Having our students become truly educated is our motivation. Therefore, the purpose of the courses in The Writing Program is to provide opportunities for students to develop their writing skills and critical thinking skills to communicate effectively not only in the academic community and but also in the work place. We will achieve this by providing a variety of situations and audiences for our students and maintaining standards to meet the demands of our world. 1
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RHETORIC OBJECTIVES Students must demonstrate Competency in writing English Critical proficiency in oral and graphic communication Competency in construction valid arguments and criticizing arguments Critical proficiency in using diverse theoretical perspectives to identify and formulate problems and draw conclusions. CORE CURRICULUM OBJECTIVES, DOMAIN I
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Syllabus - The Writing Program The University of Texas at...

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