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Reflection - seriously Presenting clear and precise...

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Reflection Business writing techniques are very useful tools to use when writing business documents. It is always very important to present any business writing in very professional and ethical manner. Business writing should only contain polite, professional and clear writings so that whoever is reading the writings understands what is being presented. I have learned that all business writing must take into account the audience, tone, and content in order for a business writing to be successful. The tools I found to be the most useful were how to use the correct language and tone. I found that grammar is important in a business document. Grammar reflects on the presentation of any document. When a document has errors, it reflects badly on the author and may not be taken
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Unformatted text preview: seriously. Presenting clear and precise verbiage is also an important part of a well written document. Clear and precise instruction for example in a job aid is important for an employee to understand what the expectations are in the company. Group communication is also very important in business communication. Group communication happens in meeting and special projects. Many ideas are brainstormed and presented to make the project successful. In order for a project to be successful, communication must be clear and collaborative. The key word is collaborative. The group must contribute thoughts and ideas and work together to come to a common ground and goal, which is to get the job done....
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