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Mitotic recombination Occurs in somatic cells--can result is patches of cells with different genotypes: mosaicism Rare --used to repair unexpected DNA damage resulting from environmental agents or from problems in DNA replication Double crossovers do not occur Crossing over followed by mitotic segregation of sister chromatids may result in a loss of heterozygosity for mutations distal to the crossover point Mitotic recombination may lead to cancer is a tumor suppressor
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Unformatted text preview: gene becomes homozygous Meiotic recombination Occurs in germ cells Frequent: every pairs of homologs has at least one crossover as the physical connection promotes proper segregation at the first meiotic divisions Double crossovers do occur Crossing over is followed by separation of pairs of sister chromatids to opposite poles at Meiosis I Meiotic recombination can produce new combinations of alleles in gametes...
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