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Book Notes Chapter 1 - 211,000 people added the planet everyday demography – the empirical, statistical, and mathematical study of populations - focuses on the changes in population size, the composition of the population, and the distribution of population in space - formal demography is the gathering, collecting, analysis and presentation of the data - population studies are concerned with population characteristics and trends in their social setting housing demography - stresses the detailed interconnections between populations and their housing
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Unformatted text preview: stocks the basic demographic equation-combination of primary population processes, births, deaths and emigration FP= SP + B - D + I – O SP=starting population I = in-migration O = out-migration RNI = CBR –CDR CBR = (B/P) x 1000 CDR = (D/P) x 1000-The crude death rate for the world in 2004 was 9, the US was 8-Migration is not included in natural increase rate-Rate of population growth is the average annual rate of increase -Doubling time = years needed for a population to double...
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