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SPAN 1110 Composition Topics

SPAN 1110 Composition Topics - COMPOSITION TOPICS 1110 You...

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COMPOSITION TOPICS - 1110 You will have 50 minutes to write a 150-word composition. You will not be able to use your book or any outline brought from home, but you will be allowed to use a dictionary during the last 10 minutes of class. You have to bring your own dictionary. It may be a good idea to write the whole composition and leave blanks for the words that you will need to look up. Please double-space (skip lines) while writing. The composition should have good organization, which means that it should have an introduction, one or two paragraphs developing your ideas and a conclusion. You will be held accountable for the grammar that has been discussed in class, but not for grammar structures that are beyond your level. Try to use the vocabulary learned in class as much as possible. These are the three possible topics that you will write about, your teacher will choose one, but you will not know which one until the day when you are going to write in class. 1. Describe tu familia. Describe los miembros de tu familia. ¿Cómo son físicamente? Describe sus personalidades, sus trabajos, y qué les gusta hacer en su tiempo libre. Comparte una memoria feliz de tu infancia. Utiliza el pretérito y el imperfecto para hablar de un cumpleaños, unas vacaciones, una fiesta, u otra memoria bonita de tu vida cuando eras niño. 2. Saliste a cenar anoche con un chico/una chica y fue un desastre completo. Usando el pretérito y el imperfecto, describe la cita. Incluye detalles específicos sobre la experiencia. 3. Trabajas para el Red and Black. Esta semana tienes que escribir dos artículos.
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