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exam2-04 no - Fagefi Scenatin 8—5 An objact of ma m is...

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Unformatted text preview: Fagefi Scenatin 8—5: An objact of ma:: m is at :fifit an a :uuqh inclined plane with htight h, length a m, and which makes an angle of 36° Hith the hurizontal. The objact in allnwud ta mnva and it stnpa an a rauqh harizantal surface, at a distance of 4 m fram the hattum at the inclined plane, as shown in the figure. The can-efficient Di kinetic frictlfln an the inclined plane 15 III-'59 and g = 10 m£52_ 12. Refer to Scenarin 3—5: what is the coefficient of kinetic Erictian in: the hurizihntdl surface? .1 .—. a. I}. l . 41.2 I:; D.3 . ISL-1 If Ifignefl ...
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