lab14 USE THIS - 31:352-357 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: 31:352-357, 2007. doi:10.1152/advan.00040.2007 Advan Physiol Educ P. Boily, B. B. Rees and L. A. C. Williamson You might find this additional information useful... 10 articles, 4 of which you can access free at: This article cites 1 other HighWire hosted article: This article has been cited by [PDF] [Full Text] [Abstract] , March 1, 2009; 33 (1): 72-77. Advan Physiol Educ B. B. Rees, P. Boily and L. A. C. Williamson exercise using teleost fish Exercise- and hypoxia-induced anaerobic metabolism and recovery: a student laboratory on the following topics: can be found at Medline items on this article's topics Physiology .. Humans Physiology .. Osmoregulation Physiology .. Exertion Biochemistry .. ATPase Activity Biophysics .. ATPases including high-resolution figures, can be found at: Updated information and services can be found at: Advances in Physiology Education about Additional material and information This information is current as of March 22, 2010 . American Physiological Society. ISSN: 1043-4046, ESSN: 1522-1229. Visit our website at December by the American Physiological Society, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD 20814-3991. Copyright © 2005 by the courses and in the broader context of general biology education. It is published four times a year in March, June, September and is dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning physiology, both in specialized Advances in Physiology Education o n M a r c h 2 2 , 2 1 a j p a d v a n . p h y s i o l o g y . o r g D o w n l o a d e d f r o m Teaching in the Laboratory Vertebrate osmoregulation: a student laboratory exercise using teleost fish P. Boily, 1,2 B. B. Rees, 2 and L. A. C. Williamson 2 1 Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Connecticut; and 2 Department of Biological Sciences, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana Submitted 31 May 2007; accepted in final form 24 August 2007 Boily P, Rees BB, Williamson LAC. Vertebrate osmoregulation: a student laboratory exercise using teleost fish. Adv Physiol Educ 31: 352–357, 2007; doi:10.1152/advan.00040.2007.—Here, we describe a laboratory experiment as part of an upper-level vertebrate physiology course for biology majors to investigate the physiological response of vertebrates to osmoregulatory challenges. The experiment involves measuring plasma osmolality and Na-K-ATPase activity in gill tissue of teleost fish acclimated to water of differing salinity. We describe results obtained using the widely available goldfish ( Caras- sius auratus ) and a common baitfish, the Gulf killifish ( Fundulus grandis ). The procedures described are generally applicable to other fish species, and they provide an alternative to the experimental use of humans or other mammalian species to investigate osmoregulation...
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lab14 USE THIS - 31:352-357 2007...

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