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Study Guide -- Exam 1 - Population Geography Note: You may bring one page of notes, front and back, to use during the exam. Exam format = multiple choice, true/false, matching Questions from Chapter 1, and 2, and the video “World in the Balance” Chapter 1 – Population Growth and Change - Primary considerations of Demography (& population geography) o births o deaths o migration - Most basic characteristic of a population is its size o Growth/decline occurs through births, deaths, and in- or out-migration - 9/10 births are born in the developing world - J-curve of human population growth - When did the world reach 1billion people? o 1820 AD - Composition of population (who lives where) o Ethnicity o Age o Other??? - Distribution (where are people living on the planet) o Differences between developed & developing world nations o Examples: China: 1.4-1.5 billion people India: 1.1 billion people - Growth= births + in-migration - Decline= deaths+ out-migration NOTE: I will not ask students to calculate any formulas, but I might ask you to look at a formula that you have seen in your text and select the appropriate response (a, b, c, or d) regarding what the formula means . - FP= SP+B-D+I-O o Final Population= Starting Population + Births during the interval – Deaths during the interval + In-migration during the interval – Out- migration during the interval - RNI= CBR- CDR o Rate of Natural Increase= Crude Birth Rate – Crude Death Rate - CBR (Crude Birth Rate)= (B/P) x 1000 o
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