Dispute Resolution - Dispute Resolution Avoiding disputes...

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Dispute Resolution Avoiding disputes are not always easy. Starting early by communicating and having continual feedback can help to avoid confusion on what are the expectations of the team. Guidelines on when a team assignment is due for review by the team needs to be created to have enough time to review assignments before turning in. Not everyone has the same opinions or works the same but it is important to understand we all play a part to contribute for the success of the team. Being a part of a team is like being in a band, not everyone wants to play the same music all of the time but everyone is there to play music. We should take this into consideration that we are taking a very serious step on furthering our education to ultimately benefit all of us. We may not always want to do complete assignments the same way as everyone, but we are all there for the common goal of learning, the team, and benefiting from our education to enrich our lives. Let there be an open door of communication. If a dispute occurs and other team members can help as well then so be it. Our schedules change from week to week and sometimes a team member may need help from another team member or members if they fall behind. If in doubt ask anytime and if the answer is not known immediately, a question can be asked of the instructor. If there is confusion on any
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Dispute Resolution - Dispute Resolution Avoiding disputes...

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