CSIS_230_Questions_1-6 ANSWERS

CSIS_230_Questions_1-6 ANSWERS - 1 CSIS 230 2006 Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 CSIS 230 2006 Fall Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Chapter1 1. All of the following are major hardware components of a typical computer system except a. Main Memory c. Operating System b. CPU d. secondary storage 2. Application software are programs that a. manage the computer’s hardware devices b. controls the computers input/output c. performs diagnostic tests on secondary storage d. perform general user needs 3. The purpose of an algorithm is to a. analyze a problem b. describe problem solution c. specify problem requirements d. define user interface 4. The CPU only processes instructions written in this language. a. Java c. machine language b. Pseudo code d. Visual Basic 5. An object in Visual Basic a. is the data a program uses. c. is an action performed by a method. b. is a property of a control. d. is a reusable self contained unit. 6. GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications a. are more complex for programmers to write. b. requires users to follow a predefined order. c. requires users to know commands before using them. d. more difficult to use. 7. Which of the following is NOT an example of an event in VB: a. click a control b. drag a control onto a form from the tool box c. change focus of a control d. change contents of a textbox 8. When creating a VB application, you will initially a. check for logic errors. c. write program statements. b. change control properties. d. correct syntax errors. 9. Programs should use comments (remarks) to a. make the code more understandable to human readers of the program. c. make the code run faster. b. make a program run more efficiently. d. make the program smaller in size. 10. Flowcharts and pseudo code are_________________________ a. used to determine the controls required for a program. b. statements that describe the programs input and output. c. used to outline the solution to a problem. d. the actual VB program without input or output statements. 11. How would you get the Design window to display if it is not visible in your project? a. Press Shift+F9 on the keyboard. 2 b. Click View on the menu bar, and then on the View menu click Designer. c. Double click the icon in the tool bar for the designer window. d. Select view designer in the edit menu. 12. The auto hide feature ____________________ a. enables the programmer to hide a control on a form automatically. b. permanently remove the toolbox from the VB environment. c. will hide the controls on a form, until the programmer changes the status. d. will cause the window to stay minimized as a tab along one of the edges of the screen until the mouse cursor is over the tab....
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CSIS_230_Questions_1-6 ANSWERS - 1 CSIS 230 2006 Fall...

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