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hw1 - What happens if they aren’t done well 4 Select one...

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08/30/10 ISE 410 Homework # 1 Due on 09/08/10 1. Estimate the life cycle of the following products: Personal computers, wristwatches, diamonds, cars, college textbooks, newspapers, magazines, Broadway shows, television, shirts. 2. For what reasons is it undesirable for the United States to evolve into a service economy? 3. Assuming college students are “raw materials” processed into “finished goods”, what various transactions need to be processed as this occurs?
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Unformatted text preview: What happens if they aren’t done well? 4. Select one appropriate, recent articles from a newspaper and identify how their contents could impinge on decision making in inventory management and production planning. 5. Why do inflation and supply shortages tend to increase real inventories? What is the effect of a reduction in the rate of inflation on inventory investment?...
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