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HW_9 - CE 451 Water Resource Engineering Home Work#9 10.14...

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CE 451 Water Resource Engineering 4/21/2010 Home Work #9 10.14. Water flows steadily at 16.0 cfs in a very long triangular flume that has side slopes 1 on 1. The bottom of the flume is on a slope of 0.0035. At a certain section A the depth of flow is 2.00 ft. Is the flow at the section subcritical or supercritical? At another section B, 200 ft downstream from A the depth of flow is 2.5 ft. approximately what is the value of Manning’s n? Find y n . Under what conditions can this flow occur? 10.17 . The flow in a long 12-ft-wide rectangular channel that has constant bottom slope is 870 cfs. A computation using the manning equation indicates that the normal depth of flow for this flow rate is 6.3 ft. At a certain section A the depth of flow in the channel is 4.0 ft. will the depth of flow increase, decrease, or remains the same as one proceeds downstream from section A? Sketch a physical situation where this type of flow will occur. 10.23. A rectangular drainage channel is 16 ft wide and is to carry 500 cfs. The channel is
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