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HW_8 - siphon and the headwater elevation is 0.6 m above...

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CE451 Water Resource Engineering 04/07/2010 Home Work # 8 8.12) The gravity dam whose section is sketched in the following figure has been designed to include a spillway so that the maximum upstream water depth is 1 meter above the top of the section. Tailwater depth under design condition is 4 m. Using whatever tests you think appropriate, evaluate the design. Be sure to state your assumptions. 8.22) Construct the flow net for a homogeneous earth-fill dam 45 ft high with an upstream side slope of 3 horizontal to 1 vertical and a downstream side slope of 2.5 horizontal to 1 vertical. Maximum depth of water behind the dam is 40 ft. The foundation is effectively impervious. If the hydraulic conductivity of the embankment material is approximately 12 gpd/ft 2 , what is the estimated seepage rate through the dam per foot of dam? 9.8) A dam has a siphon spillway whose cross section is 1.4 m high and 3.0 m wide. Tailwater elevation at design flow is 3.1 m below the summit of the
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Unformatted text preview: siphon, and the headwater elevation is 0.6 m above the summit. Assuming coefficient of discharge of 0.9, what is the capacity of the siphon? What head would be required on an ogee spillway (C w = 2.15) 3.0 m long to discharge this flow? What length of ogee weir would be required to discharge the same flow as the siphon with a head of 0.6 m on the weir crest? 9.11) Water flows over the ogee section of a low diversion dam 6 ft high at a rate of 15 cfs/ft of spillway length. The flow regime is like that of Fig. below. The spillway coefficient is 3.6 and the tailwater depth is 3.0 ft. Find the net force in the horizontal direction exerted by the water per unit length of this spillway. How will it change if the tailwater depth drops to 2.5 ft? 9.23) What will be the depth after hydraulic jump in a horizontal rectangular channel 12 ft wide when the flow rate is 350 cfs and the depth of flow before the jump is 2.1 ft?...
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HW_8 - siphon and the headwater elevation is 0.6 m above...

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