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CE 467L Geotechnical Engineering Spring 2010 Homework 7 Due: Thursday, April 1, 2010 Answer the following questions and/or complete the following problems. 1. Problem 4.2 in Craig. Hint: this problem must be solved graphically. Plot the Mohr circles at failure as neatly as possible. Remember, the τ and σ′ axes must be plotted to the same scale to be able to evaluate the strength parameters in this graphical manner. 2. A consolidated undrained (CU) triaxial compression test (TXC) was conducted on a specimen of saturated clay. The specimen was isotropically consolidated to a stress of 300 kPa, with u bp = 0. At failure, the excess pore water pressure, u e , was 168 kPa, and the deviator stress was 202 kPa. Determine the Mohr-Coulomb strength parameters for this soil. 3. A specimen of sand was tested in a consolidated drained (CD) TXC test. The specimen was isotropically consolidated to a total cell pressure of 600 kPa, and the backpressure (u bp ) was 200 kPa. The principal stress difference at failure was 1140 kPa. Calculate the
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