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CE 467L Geotechnical Engineering Spring 2010 Homework 4 Due: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Read Section 2.4 prior to completing these three problems. Show all your work clearly . 1. For the dam shown below (k = 5 x 10 -4 cm/s), calculate the seepage beneath the dam, q, per day , and the pore water pressures at points F and G. 2. For the following flow conditions (k = 2 x 10 -3 cm/s) find: a. The flow q per hour beneath the dam b. The pore water pressure at point C.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Assuming your answer for (b) represents the average pore water pressure across the base of the dam, calculate the resultant upward force acting on the dam (per m out of the page). Assuming γ conc = 24 kN/m 3 , approximate the downward force (weight) exerted by the concrete dam (per m of dam out of page). Is the dam is stable from uplift? 3. Complete Problem 2.5 in Craig...
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