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CE467L Geotechnical Engineering Spring 2010 Homework 2 Due: Tuesday, February 2, 2010 Answer the following questions and/or complete the following problems. Problems 1 through 4 are “phase” problems. Do not merely use the formulas in the book to complete these problems! Rather, determine quantities associated with the various phases in the soil, and calculate the requested quantities directly from the values in the phase diagram. A completed phase diagram must be included in your solution! 1. Complete Problem 1.3 in Craig. Recall, γ w = 9.81 kN/m 3 . 2. Complete Problem 1.4 in Craig. 3. For a given clay soil, the void ratio is 0.5, the degree of saturation is 70%, and G s = 2.75. Determine: (a) w , (b) n , (c) ρ , and (d) sat . 4. Soil has been compacted in an embankment at a (total) density of 2.15 Mg/m 3 and water content of 12%. Assume G s = 2.65. Calculate the void ratio, dry density and degree of
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Unformatted text preview: saturation. 5. The following results were obtained from a laboratory compaction test (the volume of the mold was 943.9 cm 3 and G s = 2.64): Trial 1 2 3 4 5 6 Mass of wet soil (g) 1745 1810 1893 1939 1921 1880 Water content (%) 9.3 11.8 14.3 17.6 20.8 23.0 a) Plot the dry density versus water content curve b) Determine the maximum dry density and optimum water content. c) On the same graph as your compaction curve, plot the “zero air voids” (ZAV) curve (S = 100%). Are the relative positions of the two curves as they should be? d) Determine the degree of saturation at optimum. The following formulas may be useful: d = 1 + w d = w S w + w s S 6. Define “phreatic surface” (Section 2.1). 7. Can soil water ever be under negative pressure? How? (Section 2.1)....
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