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CE 467L Geotechnical Engineering Spring 2010 Homework 1 Due: Thursday, January 21, 2010 Answer the following questions (related section numbers in Craig are indicated in parentheses after the question), and complete the following problems: 1. What processes contribute to the surfaces of clay mineral particles being negatively charged (1.1)? 2. Describe the difference between the flocculated and dispersed clay particle structures (1.1). 3. Describe the procedure for water content, w , determination (1.5).
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Unformatted text preview: 4. For soils E and G of Problem 1.1: a. Plot the grain size distribution curves for each soil (both can be plotted on the same graph). b. Determine D 10 , D 30 , D 60 , C u and C z (if one or more of these cannot be defined, then label as “N/A (not applicable)”. c. Classify the soils according to the USCS (use the table provided in class and posted on Blackboard). 5. What is an “engineered fill”? How do they differ from “non-engineered” fills (1.6)?...
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