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exam2-topics - CE 467L Spring 2010 2nd Midterm Exam TOPICS...

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CE 467L Spring 2010 2 nd Midterm Exam TOPICS The exam will cover lecture, homework, and lab material related to Craig Chapters 3-5 (as stated on the syllabus). This material corresponds to the following Craig Sections and material: Chapter 3 : 3.1-3.3 (the short section on "capillary rise" in Section 3.3 will NOT be covered) and 3.5. Note, we did not cover Sec. 3.4: -calcs of total vertical stress, hydrostatic pwp, and effective stress vs depth -effect of seepage on effective stress -seepage force and seepage force per unit volume -evaluation of effective stress via the 2 methods: i) total unit weight and boundary pwp; and ii) seepage force and buoyant unit weight. -sheet pile stability calculations Chapter 4 : Sec 4.1-4.4 (we did NOT cover the "vane shear test" in Sec. 4.2 and "stress paths" in sec. 4.4 [it was stated on the syllabus that we would cover "stress paths", but we did not, so you don't need to know it]: -Mohr circle -Mohr-Coulomb failure criteria, tangent vs. secant methods -triaxial, direct shear, and unconfined compression tests, and evaluation of strength
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