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PacketGenerator - Hping hpingsynp80www.usc.edu...

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Hping Generating a TCP SYN packet hping --syn –p 80 www.usc.edu Sending a ping from a fake source hping --icmp -C 0 -K 0 –a Break an established TCP IP connection hping --icmp -C 3 -K 1 -a --icmp-ipdst update.microsoft.com --icmp- ipsrc victim --icmp-srcport 1034 --icmp-dstport 80 victim Port scanning the bored way hping www.usc.edu --syn -p 79 Press CTRL‐Z to increment the port number hping --scan 79-81 www.usc.edu -S Listening for 404 errors hping --listen “404” Traceroute over TCP on port 80 hping --traceroute www.google.com --syn –p 80 Scappy Testing a network stack with a bad packet >>> IP(version=2, ihl=3, options=“love”, proto=1)/TCP() Creating an implicit packet >>> pkts = IP(ttl=[1,3,5,(7,10)])/TCP() >>> pkts >>> [pkt for pkt in pkts] This is a ping scan on the first 10 IPs of the 192.168.*.* network >>> IP(dst=“192.168.*.1-10”)/ICMP() Do a TCP/SYN scan on all privilaged ports on the network >>> IP(dst=“”)/TCP(dport=(0,1024)
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Navigating between layers >>> a=Ether()/IP()/TCP() >>> a >>> a.payload >>> a.payload.payload Another way to access fields in Scapy >>> a[IP] >>> a[TCP] >>> a[IP].dst
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PacketGenerator - Hping hpingsynp80www.usc.edu...

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