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ITP457-Study.Guide - StudyGuideITP457 o WhatisSecurity o o...

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Study Guide – ITP 457 Lecture 1 – Security Overview o What is Security? Define the AIC in detail o How does security help business? o What is management support for security important? o Return on Investment o Risk Management o Security Methodology o Three D’s of Security o 5 Steps to Better Security o Security Strategy vs Tactics Lecture 2 ‐ Networking o OSI Model vs TCP/IP Model Know the layers Examples of each layer o Protocol o TCP vs UDP o Movement of Data Lecture 3 – Network Scanning o Know Nmap ‐sS , ‐sP, ‐sT Pros/Cons of each o Difference between port/ping scan o Know some Default Ports o Know how to read namp results o Difference between Nmap vs Unicronscan Lecture 4 –Vulnerability Scanner o Know how to use Nessus o How do they work Lecture 5 – Google hacking
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