itp457_network_security - Network Security ITP 457 (4...

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Network Security ITP 457 (4 Units) Description Due to the emergence of the internet and decentralization of information, computers are more vulnerable to break-ins than ever before. Nearly every computer today is connected to a network, and these networks are in turn connected to a giant network known as the internet. Computers are no longer inherently safe, and this course is designed to have students understand the risks and learn the best practices to securing systems and networks. The course begins with an introduction to networking and networking topologies. Students then move on to the basics of security. The course then moves on to an introduction to ethical hacking, with the mindset that the easiest way to test the security of the system is to try to break it yourself. The course then moves on to securing the network from the inside out, starting with the workstations and private servers, and moving out to the perimeter and public facing servers. The course culminates with a final project in which the students design and submit a proposal for a secure network for a small business. Objectives Upon completing this course, students will understand: - The fundamentals of network security - Methods to secure Windows and Linux servers and workstations - Ideas behind ethical hacking - Security policy and “the big picture”
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itp457_network_security - Network Security ITP 457 (4...

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