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Final Project_1

Final Project_1 - FinalProject Objective ,...

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Final Project Objective: Due to the time limitations of a semester, many areas of information security are not cover or not covered in depth. To remedy this issue, you (the student) will write a security lab for future students to try out. You may pick any topic on security and design it so that a wide range of students of various levels of knowledge can perform. Design: The following structure of the lab will be the following: Objective o Stating what the security lab is for and what it accomplishes to teach Procedure o Steps that the student needs to perform in order to finish the lab Timing o The lab must be designed to last 1 hour not including computation time. Grading: The final project will be graded in terms of the following: Easy to follow o Are the instructions cryptic to the non‐technical? Are the procedures
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Final Project_1 - FinalProject Objective ,...

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