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Syncing Two Pro Tools LE systems Physical Connections 1. Connect MIDI cable out of Master Machine to MIDI In of Slave machine. 2. Connect RCA Coaxial S/PDIF cable from Master to slave Software Setups 1. Start/Create two sessions of the same Sample Rate and Bit Rate (48/16) Use these settings if video will be part of te project. 2. Open Session Window on both machines (Command + numpad 2) 3. Set session offset to same (00:00:00:00) 4. Check time code rate a. If using a video match frame rate of video - 29.97 5. On Master Machine - set Time Code Settings > Generator > Using MTC (Pro Tools 7) 6. Change Main Time Displays to TIme Code (if DV toolkit installed) or Minutes and Seconds. 7. On Master Machine set to generate MTC a. Setup > Synchronization Tab > MTC Generator Port to where MIDI cable is connected. 8. Hit play on Master Machine and watch Slave Machine Session Window for Incoming Time - should be moving forward but no transport movement at this time 9. Set Master Machine to generate MMC
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Unformatted text preview: a. Setup > Peripherals > Machine Control Tab > Check mark Enable MMC Master and assign output to same as MIDI cable connection. 10. On Slave Machine enable Slave to MMC a. Setup > Peripherals > Machine Control Tab > MMC Remote Slave check mark 11. Put Slave Machine Online a. Open Transport Window i. Enable Online Icon (watch blinking) Click or Command + J Playing and Recording the Systems 12. Play the Master Machine and the Slave should lockup and follow. 13. Recording to Slave system a. Record Enable a track b. No Recording in Loop Play or Loop record Modes c. Enable Transport Record – click or Command + Spacebar d. Play Master Machine e. Allow for lockup time 14. Pro Tools machines are now locked and resolved. 15. You have two systems working in synchronization - think of the possibilities! 16. Practice this over and over until it is second nature. There will be problems, but how you handle those problems is the real test....
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