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Unformatted text preview: Digidesign Sync I/O MuIN 486 Audio Editing to Picture 11:42 AM Sync I/O Description When using Pro Tools with picture and a TDM system the sync I/O is required. When using LE a DV Toolkit is required. 11:42 AM 1 Features Supported Positional Reference Sources LTC VITC Bi-phase/Tach Internal Time Code Generator 11:42 AM Features SYNC I/O supports all Pro Tools|HD sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz. Supported Clock Reference Sources Loop Sync (HD only) Reference Video Composite Video Input Word Clock AES/EBU Null Pilot Tone Internal Crystal Bi-phase/Tach – LTC 11:42 AM 2 Features Output and Generation Loop Sync (HD only) Digidesign Super Clock (256x sample clock) Word Clock (1x sample clock) AES/EBU null clock (AES “digital black”) VITC (if a video input is present) LTC MIDI Time Code (MTC) Two 9-pin Sony P-2 machine protocol ports, for MachineControl-enabled systems 11:42 AM Connection to Core 11:42 AM 3 Clocks Digital clock references control speed of Pro Tools system – HD 192 Internal clock – Loop clock Sync I/O – Provides reference through loop. 11:42 AM Loop Sync 11:42 AM 4 Loop Sync 11:42 AM Sony 9-pin 11:42 AM 5 Word Clock 11:42 AM AES AES input and output is for clock reference only. 11:42 AM 6 LTC 11:42 AM MTC 11:42 AM 7 Video 11:42 AM Video Reference 11:42 AM 8 Video Reference 11:42 AM Sync I/O Front Panel 11:42 AM 9 Sync I/O Front Panel 11:42 AM Sync I/O Front Panel 11:42 AM 10 Configuring Pro Tools|HD and SYNC I/O Choose Setups > Peripherals, and click the Synchronization tab. The SYNC I/O should be shown as the Device, with DigiSerial Port as the selected port. 11:42 AM Configuring Pro Tools|HD and SYNC I/O 11:42 AM 11 Configuring Pro Tools|HD and SYNC I/O Choose Setups > Session Clock Source Sessions Settings 11:42 AM Configuring Pro SYNC I/O Configuring Clock Source Sessions Settings Sync Setup Time Code Settings 11:42 AM 12 Generating Window Burn A window burn is visible time code embedded in the picture that coincides with code on tape or file. 11:42 AM Generating Window Burn 11:42 AM 13 ...
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