Koren Verbs II - to go to read to be (equal) to pass time...

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to go o to read o to be (equal) o to pass time o to stay/exist (honorific) o to exist/have o not to be/not to have o not to be (equal) o to thank o o to teach o to do o to work o to write to use to put on (a hat, or something else that goes on one's head) to be bitten o to see (watch/look at/etc.) o to eat o honorific: o to drink o to sleep o honorific: o to know o not to know o to live (not an action verb) o to buy o to sell o to be many o to be good o to be how o to be difficult o to be easy o to be interesting o not to be interesting o to be delicious/tasty o not to be delicious/tasty o to play o to get on/to ride o to become o to learn o to want to o to raise (pet, plant, etc.) o to practice o to drive o to be sick o to be full o to be hungry o
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to play (a musical instrument) o to be pretty o to be really o to speak/say o to like o to dislike (item) N o /o o to make (you) laugh o to listen/hear o to act (as an actor) o to create o to be dirty/messy o to be clean o to be busy o to give/to do for me V -o /o o honorific: V -o /o o to deliver o to find o Can <Verb> V -o /o o o to wake up/get up o to return o to meet o to hit/to play (tennis, piano, keyboard, type) o to send o to follow o to be loud, to be big o to be sorry o to sit down o to study o to attend o to be cold (weather) o to be in business o o to lift, to raise, to hold o to call o to show up, to come out, to be present o to be different o to flow o to tie o to put away
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Koren Verbs II - to go to read to be (equal) to pass time...

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