Smelt & Salmon Lecture

Smelt & Salmon Lecture - Smelt, Salmon, and Pike...

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Unformatted text preview: Smelt, Salmon, and Pike Superorder Protacanthopterygii Includes three orders of original-spiny-fin fishes Superorder Protacanthopterygii A d i p o s e F i n A b d o m i n a l p e l v i c s w i t h a x i l l a r y p r o c e s s 310+ species Soft rayed fishes (Lack spines) Many possess an adipose fin (ex. galaxiids) Pelvic fins abdominal and low, scales cycloid, premaxillary not protractile, swimbladder connected to gut Orders Argentiniformes, Salmoniformes & Esociformes Order Argentiniformes are deepsea, smelt- like fishes O. Salmoniformes includes 7 families of freshwater, marine & diadromous spp Suborder Salmonoidei: One family including salmon and trout, and whitefishes, and graylings Suborder Osmeroidei: Six families of northern smelts, noodlefishes, & SH smelts O. Esociformes (pikes & mudminnows), 11 spp, confined to fresh water Argentiniformes--Deepsea Smelt 160+ spp in 7 families Some with large tubular eyes (& binocular vision), many rods for low light vision, prey on zooplankton silhouetted against surface light Silvery or black in color, may lack adipose fin A few have photophores Epibranchial (crumenal) organ for grinding prey Suborder Osmeroidei Small elongate fishes that prey on small invertebrates. Some populations are large Favored food fishes Northern smelts Noodlefishes Southern hemisphere smelts Family Osmeridae-- True Smelts 13 spp common in northern halves of North America and Eurasia Freshwater, estuarine, marine & anadromous spp Pelagic predators on zooplankton and small...
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Smelt & Salmon Lecture - Smelt, Salmon, and Pike...

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