Mullets, Silversides, FlyingFish and Killifish

Mullets, Silversides, FlyingFish and Killifish - First...

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Mullets, Silversides, Flying Fish, and Killifish Mugilomorpha of uncertain affinity Atherinomorph fishes may be an artificial group that reflects convergent adaptations to living at the water’s surface: 21 families, 1300 spp. First groups of Acanthopterygii ± Superorder Acanthopterygii (3 Series) 250 families and 13,500 species Series Mugilomorpha 80 species in 1 family, inconsistent placement Series Atherinomorpha 21 families and 1300 species Order Atherinformes Order Beloniformes Order Cyprinidontiformes Series Percomorpha Eleven more orders covered in later lectures Common to all Acanthopterygians ± Structural anatomical details of the mouth ± pharyngeal jaws ± paired fins that permit increased efficiency of feeding and movement ± Presumed common ancestry in two major groups of Acanthopterygii ± Systematics in flux Series Mugilomorpha ± f. Mugilidae, 80 spp, mullets (sometimes included in Atheriniformes) ± Inshore feeders on organic detritus and algae, gizzard-like stomachs ± Schooling, make spawning migrations ± Thick, streamlined bodies, forked tails, large eyes, 2 widely separated dorsals, subabdominal pelvics ± Important fisheries, include roe harvest Striped mullet Common Atherinomorpha features: ± Are osteological Absence of spines or serrations on opercular bones Rarity of ctenoid scales Lack of orbitosphenoid bone Ligamentous connection of pectoral girdle and head (Baudelot’s ligament) ± Surface-oriented body shape, large eyes, flattened head, up-turned mouths, and dorsal fins placed far back
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More Common Atherinomorpha features: ± Reproduction Males: testes and ducts structured to facilitate internal fertilization Females: either livebearers or produce eggs with long filaments for attachment to substrate Spawning: in pairs, head to head Long development, young emerge adult-like, rapid maturation ± Some marine, most estuarine or inland, often in harsh environments Three Orders of Atherinomorpha ± Order Atheriniformes silversides, surf sardines ± Order Beloniformes medakas, needlefishes, sauries, flying fishes, and halfbeaks
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Mullets, Silversides, FlyingFish and Killifish - First...

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