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Cods & Odds Lecture - Six superorders few...

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Anglerfish,Barracudinas, Cods, Stenopterygii, Cyclosquamata, Scopelomorpha, and Paracanthopterygii: Four superorders that have diverged from the main path leading to Acanthopterygian fishes Six superorders, few species (~2000) ± Infradivision Euteleostei Superorder Protacanthopterygii-salmon, etc Superorder Stenopterygii-Bristlemouths Suberorder Cyclosquamata-Lizardfish, Barracudinas, and Lancetfishes Superorder Scopelomorpha-Lanternfishes Superorder Lampridiomorpha-Opahs Superorder Polymixiomorpha-Beardfishes Superorder Paracanthopterygii-1,200+ spp Superorder Acanthopterygii-13,500 spp. Superorder Stenopterygii Order Stomiiformes--Bristlemouths ± Superorder Stenopterygii, Order Stomiiformes ± Tropical and temperate, deepsea fishes ± Most with toothy mouths and photophores ± Adipose fin and scales (cycloid) may be present ± Many are fearsome-looking and extremely abundant Bristlemouth Bristlemouths and Dragonfish ± Bristlemouths, genus Cyclothone, are probably most numerous group of fishes ± Small < 5 cm, live at great depths ± Numerous small teeth, fine gill rakers, suit large and small prey ± Dragonfishes are most fearsome- looking Marine Hatchetfishes ± Hatchetfish: Second in abundance to bristlemouths ± Small < 10 cm, deep sea ± Vertical migrants ± Barbled Dragonfishes, 10 - 40 cm ± Well fanged ± includes viperfishes and loosejaws
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Cods &amp; Odds Lecture - Six superorders few...

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