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Ostariophysian Fishes: Minnows, Characins, and Catfishes A huge group with only a few marine representatives including milkfish and marine catfishes Ostariophysian Fishes 6500+ spp, mostly freshwater Includes minnows, catfishes, and characins Common features include: Schreckstoff , distinctive breeding tubercles, structure of swimbladder, and abdominal pelvic fins More advanced forms have Weberian apparatus (not in Gonorynchiformes) Bones connect swimbladder to inner ear Gonorynchiformes Two marine families: Chanidae (milkfish) & Gonorynchidae (mousefish) Milkfish, Chanos chanos , are important food fish in SE Asia, reared in fresh and brackish ponds, tolerant of widely ranging temperature and salinity Mousefish, G. gonorynchus , is Indo- Pacific marine sp with eel-like body, found on sandy bottoms Chanos chanos -- Milkfish Siluriformes--Catfishes (2600+ spp) Distinctive morphology, whiskery snout, small eyes, flattened head, adipose fin,
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