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3/16/2010 1 Seabird Conservation Chapter 17 in Biology of Marine Birds, pages 559-571 Exponentially increasing human population has had significant impacts on seabirds Seabirds and humans come into conflict in coastal and island habitats Primary threats to seabirds are habitat loss, over harvest, invasive species, pollution, and disease Habitat Modification Three primary components for seabirds nesting habitat foraging habitat during breeding at-sea habitat during non-breeding season foraging and at-sea habitat affected by commercial fishing and pollution (may be climate change in future) Coastal and island development affect nesting habitat Introduced Species in Seabird Colonies Literature replete with documentation of extinctions, extirpations, and drastic reductions in seabird populations caused by nonnative species into nesting habitat Pets: cats and dogs Accidental introductions: mice, rats, and snakes Intentional releases for food, sport, fur and
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SeabirdConservation [Compatibility Mode] - 3/16/2010...

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