06 TropicalReefs

06 TropicalReefs - Tropical Reefs Between 30 and 40% of all...

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Tropical Reefs ± Between 30 and 40% of all fishes, and between 250 and 2200 species associated with a major reef ± Up to 75 spp on an isolated coral dome (3 x 1.6m) ± Mostly acanthopterygians; others include moray eels, sharks, and herrings The Reef Environment ± Found between latitudes 30 degrees N & S in water < 50 m, 23 to 25 degrees C (18 minimum) ± Charles Darwin described the development and life of a reef ± Mostly coral, but many are calcareous algae. Some rocky reefs resemble The Reef Environment . .. ± Although usually surrounded by nutrient-poor oceanic waters, reefs are extremely high in productivity ± High productivity attributed to nutrient recycling attached algae photosynthesizing under optimal light and temperature conditions nitrogen-fixing blue-green algae. Reef habitat zones 50-60m Off-reef floor Reef drop-off Reef face Reef surface Reef flat Lagoon Patch reef Landward Seaward Types of Reef Fishes ± Useful to classify by feeding habits: generalized carnivores (nocturnal, crepuscular, & diurnal), specialized carnivores (in prey, manner, or microhabitat), and herbivores ± Generalized carnivores successful at twilight or when prey make defensive mistake Types of Reef Fishes . .. ± Specialized carnivores make up majority of species, with few individuals per spp. Form guilds. ± Ambush predators (lizardfish and stone fish) are camouflaged, ± Water column stalkers (barracudas, needlefish & cornet fish) are difficult to see and lunge at passing prey, ± Crevice predators (moray eels) seek out prey hiding in reef,
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Types of Reef Fishes . .. ± Concealed-prey feeders
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06 TropicalReefs - Tropical Reefs Between 30 and 40% of all...

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