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03 Estuary - Estuaries: FW[estuary]SW Interfaces between...

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Estuaries: FW[estuary]SW ± Interfaces between freshwater and saltwater environments ± Depend on size, shape, geological history, location, amount and quality of inflowing FW, and the nature of the surrounding land ± Harsh physical and chemical environments Characteristics ± Gradients of temperature and salinity are not stable (tidal & seasonal variation, horizontal and vertical) ± High concentrations of nutrients; constant mixing; high retention; major losses occur during floods ± Seasonal fluctuations in salinity, temperature, turbidity, and nutrients Characteristics . .. ± Invertebrates also important in recycling nutrients ± Nutrients and zooplankton concentrate in 2-12 ppt salinity and fishes and macroinvertebrates also show a peak in abundance ± Detritus based food chain (old paradigm in question) vs. new paradigm is based on production by phytoplankton, and mud algae (benthic algae) Estuarine Fishes ± Broad types: Freshwater, Diadromous, True estuarine fishes, Nondependent marine fishes, and Dependent marine fishes ± Contributions of 5 types vary around world ± Residents vs Transients ± Estuarine-dependent species spend at least one life-history stage in estuary Estuarine Fishes . .. ± Spawning areas, nursery grounds, and adult feeding grounds are important roles ± Nurseries are areas with high concentrations of young compared to similar, nearby environments A ubiquitous species probably has no ‘nursery’ Nursery Habitat & Estuarine Dependence ± Any (not only estuaries) habitat type where the relative density and/or survivorship of an early life
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03 Estuary - Estuaries: FW[estuary]SW Interfaces between...

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