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Sirenia [Compatibility Mode] - good to eat and hunted them...

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1 Order Sirenia Manatees, Dugongs (and Steller’s Sea Cow) Order named for mythical beauties that lured sailors to their death by enticing song (Homer’s Odyssey and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? ) Order Sirenia Pages 474-492 Four living species and one recently extinct All populations face looming risks and are widely protected, maybe not effectively Still hunted as the ‘flavor of extinction’ satisfies hungry people Relatives of elephants and hyraxes, skull and dental resemblance high, massive skeletal elements Herbivorous Vestigial pelvis Axillary mammae (i.e., teats in armpits) Florida manatees: mother and calf nursing Florida manatees Florida manatee
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2 Florida manatees in PP refuge Florida manatee skeleton Oblique diaphragm Manus Vestigial pelvis Steller’s Sea Cow: extinct Steller’s Sea Cow: Discovered by Russians in 1741 Only about 2,000 around Bering Island Shipwrecked Russians discovered they were
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Unformatted text preview: good to eat and hunted them to extinction in short orde short order Probably had a warmer-water distribution (indicated by fossil record), but only this population survived in marginal habitat because of human pressure in warmer part of range that began long before Bering ‘discovered’ them Cast of Steller’s Sea Cow Skull History of Sirenia 3 Conservation issues for living species In US, population numbers are okay, but . .. – State of Florida is trying to down list its populations – Boater developer and tourist concessions want Boater, developer, and tourist concessions want freer reign – Power plants scheduled for closing will remove many warm-water refugia in winter Outside US, still hunted in Caribbean and Central America (and elsewhere?) Apparently susceptible to harmful algal blooms Many Florida power plants shutting down: loss of warm water refugia...
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Sirenia [Compatibility Mode] - good to eat and hunted them...

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