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3/10/2010 1 Marine Reptiles Marine iguana, sea snakes and sea turtles Marine iguana • Of Galapagos Islands, visited and observed by Charles Darwin • Food is marine algae, feed < once daily in cold waters 22 to 27 °C waters 22 to 27 C • Highly social organisms whose status is dependent on body temperature • Posturing behavior is directed at maintaining preferred body temperature of 35 to 37 °C • Warm body temp facilitates social dominance and digestion Marine iguana Marine iguana Marine iguana Charles Darwin commented that the marine iguana appeared to behave stupidly: "I several times caught this same lizard, by driving it down to a point and though possessed of such perfect powers of diving and swimming, nothing would induce it to enter the water; and as often as I Marine iguana threw it in, it returned . . . . Perhaps this singular piece of apparent stupidity may be accounted for by the circumstance, that this reptile has no enemy whatever on shore, whereas at sea it must often fall prey to the numerous sharks. Hence,
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MarineReptiles [Compatibility Mode] - Marine iguana Marine...

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