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Test 3 Notes - o Antarctica o Greenland • Erosional Forms...

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Alpine Depositional Forms Till – mixture of boulders, gravel, sand and clay left behind by a glacier Moraines – ridge of till Lateral moraine – ridge of till deposited on the side of the glacier Medial moraine – middle ridge made by a combination of lateral moraines Terminal moraine (end) – ridge representing maximum extent of the glacier Recessional moraine – like an end moraine but deposited where glacier stops for a bit as it retreats Outwash – alluvium carried by meltwater streams o What happens in front of a glacier when it melts Streams form and deposit outwash valley train – outwash alluvium fills up the bottom of glacial troughs Continental Glaciation The Ice Caps
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Unformatted text preview: o Antarctica o Greenland • Erosional Forms in the zone of accumulation o Core of ice sheet – source of ice o Nunataks – an island mountain surrounded by ice cap o Deep Troughs – finger lakes • Depositional Forms o Till – mixture of boulders, gravel, sand and clay left behind by a glacier o Drumlins – cigar shaped hills o Ice Stagnation Topography Kame – hill Kettles – depressions Esker – alluvium deposited under a glacier o Outwash Plains Melt water streams deposit river gravels over large plain o Jokulhaup – ice damned lake bursts Imagine a volcanic eruption under icecap in Iceland Makes enormous outwash plains in front of the glacier...
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