review - -echinodemata-chordata o notochord o dorsal hollow...

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Sponge - NO tissue Triploblastic (exto/endo/meso – derm) Ecto – skin & nervous Endo – Gut, digestive system Meso – muscle, bone, circulation Symmetry – 1. Asymmetry – sponge 2. Bilateral – cephalization (over time accumulate tissues) -> triploblastic except echinodermata 3. radial – sea anemonae -> diploblastic Protostomes - “first mouth” - mollusks, annelids - arthropods -mouth/anus dueterostomes - “second mouth” - schinodomata, chordata annelids – earthworm mollusca - muscular foot, mantle, visceral mass anthropods exoskeletons -> chitin, jointed appendages, segmented body insecta - 4 orders - large (Lepidoptera) -butterflies - hairy (hymenoptera) -ants - dangly (diptera) - flies - Coconuts (coleoptera) – beetles - Innovation: 1.flight (escape predation) 2. exoskeleton (protection) 3. multiple pair of appendages (precise movement) 4. metamorphosis (multiple niches) Duetrostomes
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Unformatted text preview: -echinodemata -chordata o notochord o dorsal hollow, nerve cord o pharlynal gill slits o postanal tail Chrondricthyes (sharks & rays – no swim bladder) tetrapods -four limbs - feet with digits -ears for detecting airborne sounds - necks - amphibians (both ways of life)- most can breathe through skin reptiles -amniotic egg - bird - 3 chambered heart mammals -hair-lactation-3 bones in middle ear -red blood cell lacks nucleus endotherms ectotherms order primates 1. nails, not claws 2. opposable thumbs 3. large brain 4. short jaws 5. complex social behavior 6. take care of babies well humans vs apes -bigger brains -walk upright (bipelda) ecology -gobal ecosystem – biosphere -biome same climate, same …. (ex. Lake)-oligotrophic = Oxygen rich, carbon/nutrient poor -marsh has no woody plant -estuary nutrient rich and high productive -biomes, lake, stream, marsh, sea terrestrial – desert, savanna...
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review - -echinodemata-chordata o notochord o dorsal hollow...

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