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Mary Devin Hunter Quiz #11 1. Advanced, Mastery, Basic, Approaching Basic, Unsatisfactory 2. Norm-referenced tests compare a student’s test results to the performance of students in a national sample. Criterion-references tests reports a student’s results in terms of the state’s achievement levels. 3. A school system may consider a waiver on behalf of individual students, provided that the following criteria are met: a. Provided that he or she has scored at the Approaching Basic level on both the English Language Arts and Mathematics components of LEAP, has attended the LEAP summer remediation program offered by the district, and has taken the summer retest administered at the conclusion of the summer program b. The students must re-take the components English Language Arts and/or Mathematics of the retest on which a score of
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Unformatted text preview: Approaching Basic or below was attained on the spring test. 4. If an 11 th grader fails, there are three re-test opportunities. 5. The maximum amount of growth that a school will be required to make is 10 points and the minimum amount is 2 points. 6. State law provides for the takeover of schools that are identified as failed undere the school and district accountability system for four or more years. The law allows for the operation of a special state school district, called the Recovery School District, to be administered by the LA Dept. of Education and Secondary Education. The Recovery School District provides for the supervision, management and operation of a school places under its jurisdiction until the school can be brought to an acceptable level of performance....
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