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Sample Midterm 1 Key Refer to the spreadsheets in the Campaign workbook at the back of the exam. The Constitution of the United States mandates the procedure by which Americans select their President. The President and Vice-President are elected by an "Electoral College", rather than by direct popular vote. Each state is allocated "electoral votes" equal to the total number of Senators and Representatives allocated to that state. The District of Columbia is also allocated 3 electoral votes. On Election Day, voters are actually voting for Electoral College members who promise to vote for the candidates of their respective political parties. The party with the greatest number of votes receives all the electoral votes for that state, even if no candidate gets a majority. In order to win the election, a "ticket" (a party's presidential and vice-presidential candidates) must receive 270 votes, one more than half of the total of 538 electoral votes. If no ticket has 270 votes, then the House of Representatives decides the election. The electoral system forces candidates to carefully allocate their time and money among the states. Each candidate must devise a campaign strategy that gives him or her the best chance to win at least 270 electoral votes. To simplify the data for this test, we have chosen only 5 of the states and included the data in the Campaign workbook you will use to answer the questions. The worksheet POPULATION contains data on the population of each state. You will calculate the cost of campaigning in each state, and you will write formulas to analyze the election results. Cell F11 in worksheet POPULATION contains the amount of money that you have available to spend on your campaign. This cell has been named budget . Worksheet UNITS contains some conversion factors that you may need. Worksheet COLLEGE contains information on the number of electoral college votes assigned to each state. Worksheet VOTES contains the election results for each of the three candidates in our election. Make sure that you write all formulas so that they will work even if the data changes.
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samplemidterm1-key - Sample Midterm 1 Key Refer to the...

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