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Body Par- EFG - Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr Susan...

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Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr. Susan San Jule Itzel Rodriguez June 29, 2010 Body Paragraphs EFG In 1989, Moi wanted to get rid of the only public park the Kenyans had, the Uruhu Park in Nairobi. He wanted to build a 62 story skyscraper as well as a 4 story monument of himself. Maathai and her followers were outraged because the Uruhu Park was the only place where the people could go lay down and not be questioned or charged. Maathai wasn’t about to let the government do this to the people; she took matters into her own hands. Maathia, being the brilliant woman she is, had the idea to protest through the British government and not to protest through violence. She sent them letters explaining the situation and that it was not right what Moi and the government was doing. She told the British government not to give money to Moi in order to stop the destruction of the park. She knew that Moi wouldn’t be able to continue his plans if he didn’t have the money to support it. When Moi found out about Maathai taking this local problem to another country he was enraged. Not only does he use a parliament session to talk bad about her, he publicly speaks out about her and condemns her. He makes fun of her and tells other women to control her. Soon after, people start to avoid her and her friends stop talking to her. Maathai didn’t let this put her down; she kept fighting for what was right. Fortunately, the British government listened to her plea and they didn’t fund Moi’s plans. Moi had to forget about
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Body Par- EFG - Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr Susan...

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