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Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr. Susan San Jule Itzel Rodriguez June 7, 2010 An Exceptional Life Many don’t know about Pearl Fryer which is a shame because he is an astonishing man with an amazing story. He came from a sharecropping family from the rural south. From a very young age Pearl Fryer worked with his dad at the family’s farm. He grew up in a place where racism was still strong which affected his education as well as opportunities he could’ve had. Due to racism, Fryer had no other choice but to help out his father and forget about a real education. The truth is that the best education someone could get he got it from his father. His father couldn’t give him much but he did leave him with his wisdom and strong work ethic. This helped Fryer accomplish many amazing things. The first was being the first African American male to win the Yard of the Month in Bishopville, a small town in South Carolina. This was just the beginning of many awards and recognitions he got from his topiary garden he built from scratch. It wasn’t easy but Pearl Fryer got recognition from national news, magazines, and museums. When learning about Pearl Fryer it is easy to see how an ordinary man became an extraordinary man. For someone to be ordinary and become extraordinary they must have had gone through some difficult times. Pearl Fryer is not the exception. Throughout his life he has had to overcome adversity and he has been recognized as a remarkable man because he never shied away from his problems. One of his biggest hardships growing up was his racial background. All through his
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Rodriguez 2 life he had to face different kinds of racism. When he was young, the only thing African Americans were really allowed to do due to prejudice was to be a farmer. Because his father never had a real education, the only thing he was good at was farming. Pearl Fryer had no other choice but to follow his father’s footsteps because racism would not go away. Since farming was the only occupation the Fryer family could do, they had to be sharecroppers. Not only did they have to work hard for their money but being a sharecropper also meant they got cheated off of their earnings. Out of this experience, Pearl Fryer didn’t take with him the mistreatment of his family; instead, he learned to be a hard worker and to never let anything put him down. As he got older, he still couldn’t get away from discrimination. Pearl Fryer was a hard and loyal worker at can company for thirty-six years. During these long and hard years, never did he get a promotion or a raise in his salary. It can only be assumed that this occurred because of the color of his skin and not because of his work ethic. The amazing part is that Pearl Fryer never complained and he just kept working all those years. Discrimination didn’t only follow him in the working environment it also followed him at his home. When Fryer was looking to move into a
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WRT 101 MLA Format - Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr....

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