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The Garden Autobiography

The Garden Autobiography - Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010...

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Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr. Susan San Jule Itzel Rodriguez June 17, 2010 Autobiography My story goes all the way back to when my parents moved to South Central L.A in the early 80’s. My father, Jose, was laid off from his harvest company which led my family of three to move in with his sister, who lived in L.A. My father was a very hard worker and didn’t like the idea of someone other than himself supporting our family. For that reason, my father looked for a job as soon as we got to L.A. Unfortunately no one was hiring him, especially since he didn’t have an adequate educational background and didn’t speak English. This didn’t discourage him; he kept looking until he found a job as janitor at nearby school. The job didn’t pay well and we couldn’t afford to buy a house which meant we were forced to stay and live with my aunt. Unfortunately, my aunt lived in one of the worse neighborhoods located in L.A. It was full of gangs, guns, and drugs. It wasn’t the best environment for a young boy to grow up in. I was only six years old at the time and very upset because I was an only child and the only friends I had were my neighbors back in Salinas, California. That quickly changed; I started to hang out with the older boys from my neighborhood. By the time I got to high school, I had made friends with many people who were mostly part of the Salvatrucha gang. Although I had wonderful parents that repeatedly told me to stay away from the gangs, I refused to listen. I was a selfish sixteen year old boy that wasn’t about to let his parents influence his life. At the time I became a Salvatrucha, the L.A. riots began. As the tough guy I thought I was, I was involved in this disastrous event. While breaking into a gun store, a cop stopped me and shot me. I was
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Rodriguez 2 fortunate enough to have gotten hit in the arm where no damage was done. Instead of having learned my lesson, I became more of a rebel and had more hatred towards any type of authority. A year later, my father applied for plot of land they were giving away at the garden. We were one of the fortunate families to receive a piece of land. Although the harvesting job my father use to have was strenuous, he loved it so much because of the many great memories it had given him. He had a wonderful relationship with his father, my grandfather, because of that job. My father didn’t only want the land because it would help our family financially, but he was hoping that this plot could bring us together and get me out of the gangs. Like I said before, I was young, selfish, and foolish. A stupid garden wouldn’t get me out of my gang. My father was heartbroken that his plan didn’t work but he was faithful I would change my mind, and kept the plot. He would go every morning and after work to check on his plants. Every night, he would
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The Garden Autobiography - Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010...

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