The Garden History - Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr....

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Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr. Susan San Jule Itzel Rodriguez June 16, 2010 History of The Garden This history of the garden goes all the way back to the 80’s, when Ralph Horowitz lost his land due to eminent domain. Under eminent domain, the city was able to forcefully buy the land from Horowitz because they believed it was for the best interest of the city. The city bought the land for only five million dollars, and it was suppose to be used to make a garbage incinerator. This didn’t settle well with many of the South Central L.A. community members, especially Juanita Tate, the founder of Concerned Citizens of South Central L.A. Juanita Tate had strong political influence in the L.A. area which helped her fight the city to not build the incinerator. After a strong fight, Juanita and the members of Concerned Citizens of South Central L.A., won the battle, and the incinerator was never built. In 1992 the worse riots in LA started because cops beat up Rodney King. The riots didn’t start because of the actual beating of this man. They started after the trials where the four cops that nearly killed Rodney King were found not guilty. The riots lasted 3 days. There were 53 killed and 4 thousand injured. There was over one billion dollar in damages. The damages didn’t only come from the fires, they also came from people breaking into businesses and taking advantage of the situation by stealing what they could. In order to pacify the community, Doris Bloch, who was not part of the city government, came up with the idea for the city to give a piece of land to members of the South Central community. The city, then, gave the land they had
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Rodriguez 2 bought from Horowitz to the Regional Food Bank. Once the Regional Food Bank received the land, they assigned plots to families that wish to grow a garden. The families had to apply for a plot of land and based on their income and needs they were granted the land. There were some conditions given to the 350 families that were awarded the plots. The first was that no family
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The Garden History - Rodriguez 1 WRT 101 Summer 2010 Dr....

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