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Electric Motor - Electric Motor Report Class Physics 182...

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Electric Motor Report Class: Physics 182 Lab Summer II TA: Joy Ding Date of Experiment: 7/26/10 Due Date: 7/28/10 Itzel Rodriguez Goal of Experiment: The purpose of this lab was to learn how to make an electric motor and explain how it works.
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Introduction: A wire that has current and magnetic field can make electric energy convert into mechanical energy. This is how an electric motor is created. A direct current is created from a battery that creates an in directional charge. The magnet is what produces the charge and magnetic field in the wire which create a force. In order to find the force of a straight wire that has current through it the following equation is required = F IL x B . F is force (N), I is current (Amp), L is length (m), and B is magnetic force. The idea of the right-hand rule will be handy for this lab in order to make the motor and find the direction of the force. The right-hand rule says to use the right hand and point the thumb in the same direction of the current while the palm is facing in the direction of force and the other fingers are point towards the magnetic field. Based on the Conservation of Energy, even though the sums of the forces need to equal zero, the sum of the torques don’t. Torque can be better understood through the equation = * τ ILB r where I is current (Amp), L is the length of wire (m), B is magnetic force, and r is the distance (m) from armature to wire. If any of these factors are increased, the torque will increase as well. Some other ideas needed to be understood in order to do this lab are those of RPM and Peak-to-
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Electric Motor - Electric Motor Report Class Physics 182...

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