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Field Mapping - Field Mapping Lab TA Joy Ding Class Physics...

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Field Mapping Lab TA: Joy Ding Class: Physics 182 Summer II Date of Experiment: 7/14/10 Due Date: 7/16/10 Itzel Rodriguez Goals of the Experiment: The purpose of this experiment was to take several different electrode maps and observing the difference in the electric field and the electric potential for each map.
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Introduction, Theory, Derivations: The purpose of an electric field is to the find the information for force of an object that is charged at a point in any area. In order to get the force, the charge of an object is multiplied by a field vector. This works for any given object. As the distance of an electric field increases the magnitude of it decreases. Electric fields are responsible for many of the great wonders the world has. They are what makes light and they allow us to see color as well. When trying to find an electric field it is useful to find an equal potential surface which allows us to describe the voltage. This can be done with the equation ∆P.E= ∆W= F∆d. It is interesting to know that on an equal potential surface we have an electric field perpendicular to it. It requires a
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