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Itzel Rodriguez Lab Summaries #1 The main purpose of lab one was to get use to all the materials and instruments we will be using in lab for the next five weeks. We worked with pipettes, balances, pH papers as well as other instruments. The main idea was to get comfortable with the lab surrounding in order for us to know what we are dealing with when it comes to the more serious labs. Not only did we practice with all these new tools but we also learned about some scientific methods as well as the scientific process. This lab didn’t really tie directly to actual Biology content. It actually helps us have a better foundation so that when we get to the real important material we understand better what we are doing and how the scientific process works. It would be pointless to do a lab and write a bunch of data and not understand what it all means. In this lab we learned the purpose of doing a lab and the different steps needed to answer a specific question. There wasn’t an actual question being asked. It was more of a couple of questions being
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Unformatted text preview: asked. One was how comfortable we are with the metric system and measuring different items. The other question had to do with our knowledge of the scientific process. How well we understood and could apply the scientific process to an actual experiment. With simple calculations and looking at a metric system table we were able to practice with the metric system which is essential in experiments. It is useful to know how to convert from small to big units and vice versa. The lab also questioned us on our ability to use different types of instruments and how well we know what instrument would be more effective than the other. Finally, we had to read an article on a lab experiment and see how well we understood the scientific process. It asked us questions about the basics of the process. Like I said before, the main purpose of this lab was to get some practice for future labs....
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