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Lab Summary #2B

Lab Summary #2B - change the effect of an acid or base on...

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Itzel Rodriguez Lab Summary 2B The purpose of this experiment was to see how the pH of a solution changes when dissolving an acid, base or salt in water. In this lab we tested different solutions and recorded the pH the solution gave us when mixed with water. As a different solution was added we recorded if the solution was an acid, base or salt. We determined this by how it changed the pH. Depending if the pH dropped, increase or stay the same we were able to determine the characteristic of the solution. If the pH dropped that meant the solution was an acid. If the ph increased that indicated a base and if it stayed the same the solution was a salt. We also tested to see how a buffer affects the pH of a solution. We did this by using the same solutions as before but instead of water we used a buffer. For the most part the pH stayed relatively even throughout the three solutions. The question of this experiment was if it’s possible for other molecules dissolved in water
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Unformatted text preview: change the effect of an acid or base on the pH? With the test previously talked about we found that it is possible to change the pH of a solution. When we mixed the different solutions the pH changed all the time, except when we used a salt. It’s important to know about pH and how to keep it constant especially for the human body. The difference between an abnormally dangerous pH is not that much from a normal pH. That is why it is also important to know how to keep the pH constant. This is possible by using a buffer. A buffer maintains the pH constant, so they are very useful. A question I had was how can someone know if their pH has increased too much or decreased too much and what exactly happens to that person? Do they just pass out and die or do they have heart problem or what exactly would happen to someone with an abnormal pH....
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