EGR115 _homework_ 2(2)

EGR115 _homework_ 2(2) - refresh you). 4. Problem 2.9. Use...

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EGR 115 Homework 2 Turn in this homework in the proper format (see course syllabus) at the start of class on as specified in the Class Syllabus . Late assignments will not be accepted unless approved by your Instructor. . Use the format defined in the class Syllabus. The format of your submission will be considered when determining the homework grade. Use MATLAB in all problems and be sure to use suitable MATLAB variable names. 1. Problem 2.1- Be sure you understand how the size and value(s) of these arrays are determined. Use the size function for parts (a), (c) and (d). 2. Problem 2.6 – Be sure you understand why each of the parts are legal or not legal. Execute each of the parts to show your results. 3. Problem 2.7 – For parts (a) – (f), be sure you understand the order that the calculations are performed. MATLAB follows the rules you learned in the Arithmetic Order of Operations in early mathematics (perhaps PEMDAS may
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Unformatted text preview: refresh you). 4. Problem 2.9. Use inv(a)*b or a\b to solve these simultaneous equations. Your results should be: x_values = 0.6626-0.1326-3.0137 2.8355-1.0852-0.8360 5. Problem 2.10 - Use plotyy(x1,y1,x2,y2) to plot the height and velocity of the ball as a function of time. Use a time base of 10 seconds in 0.01 increments. Be sure to include proper labels and title in your plot and submit with your homework. To label the right-hand (velocity) axis, use text(10.8,0,'Velocity in meters/sec','rotation',90) following ylabel for the left-hand (height) axis . As a test case, use an initial height above ground of 200 meters with an initial velocity of 20 meters/sec. The ball should reach ground level in (approx) 8.7 secs when read from your height vs time plot. Your input should be: Please enter initial height in meters: 200 Please enter initial velocity in m/s: 20 (Continued next page) EGR 115 Your plot should be: EGR 115...
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EGR115 _homework_ 2(2) - refresh you). 4. Problem 2.9. Use...

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