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Reviewv creativity and adhd

Reviewv creativity and adhd - hyperactivity and ADHD with...

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Jungsun Kim Review We found that introvert have a higher cortical arousal level than extroverts (ADHD). This means that introvert generally more stimulated than extroverts. In contrast, extroverts are not stimulated unless they are more outgoing than introverts. So they need stimulation to maintain the engagement. It brings some symptoms: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Interestingly high creative children have similar or identical characteristics. It brings me the point this thread. Are these symptoms incidental byproducts of a lack of concentration? Or do they have practical function? Research Design The purpose of this research is to examine the relatedness of creativity and ADHD to hyperactivity. An attribute by treatment design was used in the research (See figure 1). This appearance attempts to identify a causative relationship between the students’ distinction and the level of hyperactivity by different performance test Each group of the students’ distinction represents the different type of specialty: High creativity with
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Unformatted text preview: hyperactivity and ADHD with hyperactivity. Different performance of the treatment includes measure to determine role of hyperactivity. _________________________________________________________________________________ ______________ Attribute Treatment High creativity Performance 1 Performance 2 With hyperactivity ADHD Performance 1 Performance 2 With hyperactivity Figure 1. The attribute by treatment design. Researchers will measure the level of hyperactivity or scan brain activity while participants are performing. And then, experts evaluate the quality of their performance. I will narrow the present study by considering variables below. 1. To narrow target sample: High creativity in math or art, ADHD level etc. 2. To define performance area depends on participants’ character. 3. To find an appropriate methodology and instrument 4. To find instruments to qualify performance....
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