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Textiles and Clothing Pathway Wardrobe Planning Apparel and Textiles Advanced Apparel and Textiles Design and Merchandising Fashion Design and Merchandising CIP 19.090114 Prerequisites: Wardrobe Planning, and Apparel and Textiles, and Advanced Apparel and Textiles Big Idea: Fashion, an ever-evolving industry, is a language which tells a story about the wearer. Enduring Understandings: 1. Fashion is one of the greatest forces affecting our economy. 2. Fashion is international. 3. Fashion is cyclical in nature. 4. Fashion is designed for different markets and price levels. 5. Understanding the principles of draping and flat pattern design leads to a better understanding of ready to wear and custom apparel design. 6. The clothes you wear are an extension of yourself. Essential Questions: 1. How is fashion both an art and a science? 2. Why do fashions usually evolve gradually rather than quickly? 3. What are the principles of the fashion movement? 4. What are the concepts of fashion marketing and merchandising? 5. How does the fashion industry contribute to our economy? 6. What are the principles and methods of draping? 7. How are flat patterns created? 8. What are the career opportunities in the textile and apparel industries and related fields, and how should we prepare for them? Standards Statement: The student will analyze career paths within the textile and apparel design industry, integrate knowledge, skills, and practices required for careers in textiles and clothing, demonstrate apparel
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and textiles design skills, evaluate elements of textile and apparel merchandising, and demonstrate skills needed to produce, alter, and repair textile products. Course Description: In this fourth course of the Textiles and Clothing Pathway, students will explore the business aspects of the fashion industry as well as analyze the array of career opportunities available. The experienced clothing student will construct apparel items that require special handling and/or advanced construction techniques. Draping, flat pattern design, and specialty fabrics and materials will be used. Course Goals: While studying the components of the fashion industry, the students will explore new technologies in the design, construction, and merchandising of apparel and textiles products. Students will select their own projects, incorporating advanced construction techniques and challenging designs and fabrics. Course Objectives:
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FashionDesignandMerchandisingPDF - Textiles and Clothing...

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